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  • Interesting Facts In 1978, archaeologists excavated the site in Princeton of an 800-year-old Amerindian village of the Glen Meyer tribe.

Latest News & Events

PLEASE NOTE: The Date for this event has Changed from December 15th to December 22

Princeton and District Museum Library Building's 25th Anniversary Event September 17th and 18th/2022
A dedicated group of volunteers from the Princeton community spent many hours fulfilling Frank Cowan's dream of having a common space consisting of both a library and museum with a common room for gathering. In 1997 the Princeton community celebrated the official opening of the Princeton Museum and Library Complex. A full program took place which included a town crier, speeches by both dignitaries and building committee members, a children's choir, a band , hot air Balloon rides, the installation of a time capsule, followed by a dinner at the Princeton Centennial Hall. This past September the community celebrated 25 years since the opening of the complex focusing on new displays, permanent display boards about Princeton's past and history files on lots, people and buildings. Thank you for coming to help celebrate the building's anniversary and for your support these many years.
For those who couldn't attend please come out during gallery hours: Every Monday from 10 am to 3 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm or by appointment by calling 519- 458-8392, email at princetonmuseum@ocl.net or our Facebook PrincetonDistrictMuseum. Thank you from the Board of Directors of the Princeton and District Museum Library Association

May 16, 2022
Free Movie Nights are Back!, see the Free Move Night Link at the top of the website for Details of our May 21st and 26th Movie Dates

May 2, 2022
Princeton Museum and Library Association Celebrating 25 Years in September!

To help us Celebrate, we are asking for the Princeton Community's help with our Research Project We have done much research thanks to the Cowan Foundation grant on the Families (300) and Properties (deeds and registration) from the Village of Princeton from 1800's to the 1950's (news articles, sports pictures, school class pictures, death registrations, wills and marriages registrations) but we want more information to complete the research.
What we are asking for from the community is for you to add to these family files: Wedding invitations, school pictures, family photos family trees, news articles, notices etc. we will accept anything you are willing to donate. Email: princetonanddistrictmuseum@gmail.com

We want to make the family files exciting to look at for generations to come. We also have several files started on businesses both old and new. Do you have any old business calendars or memo books, news articles or pictures? We are looking for anything that you have on the village or people from Princeton . All new information displays will be hung in time for the anniversary in September as well as the many files for research. Let Gayle Gurney know what kind of information you have through the museum email listed above Items can be dropped off at the Museum or Library.

April 11, 2022
Princeton District Historical Society Announcement:

The Princeton and District Historical Society members regret to inform the community that after twenty-nine years the society has dissolved. The decision was made because of low membership.

At the founding meeting held on December 6th 1993 at the Princeton Centennial hall's Fireside room the following were voted to be the executive members, President: Vernon Eaton, Vice President: Eleanor Banbury, Secretary: Valentine Van De Cappelle and Treasurer William Goodwin. A few of the other regular members during the society's first year were Anna Wight, Janice Courtney, Irene Courtney, Marie Gregor, Marguerite and Jack Anderson.
In 1997, a sub-committee was formed including Vernon Eaton, Valentine Van De Cappelle and Duncan Getty to have the Princeton soldiers Memorial cairn built (Cenotaph in front of the Princeton Library/Museum Building). Both Princeton Central and St. Frances schools participated by placing time capsules inside the monument as it was being built. Dedication service held on August 15/1998 and tribute to WW1 and WW2 Princeton Soldiers who died overseas were remembered. A book about Princeton's history was also published, printed and copies sold as a fund raiser in 1993. Annual Strawberry socials and antique shows were hosted by the members.

Most of the papers or artifacts belonging to the Princeton and District Historical Society were transferred to the Princeton and District Museum Library Association a few years ago. The remainder will also be transferred in the near future. PDMLA member Gayle Gurney has been busy compiling and documenting the information gathered by former historical members which will be shared to the community. We would like to thank all past members for their participation, dedication and hard work.
Note: This does not mean the Museum is closing.

We want to thank the continuous support we are getting from the community towards our roof fundraising project for the Princeton Museum and Library Building.

Our goal of $20,000.00 has almost been reached.
We need $4385.00 more.
Will you help us put our campaign through the roof?

We are happy to accept donations in any amount. An official receipt for income tax will be sent to you. Please include your name and address.
Please drop off your cash, cheque or money order payable to The Princeton and District Museum and Library Association during Princeton Library hours every Wednesday from 3 to 6 or mail your cheque or money order to:

Princeton and District Museum Library Association,
25 Main St. S, P.O. Box 460,
Princeton On., N0J 1V0.

You may also contact us at 519-458-8392
or email us at princetonanddistrictmuseum@gmail.com
Your donation is greatly appreciated during these uncertain Covid-19 pandemic times.

Thank you
The Board of Directors
Princeton and District Museum Library Association

No Remembrance Day Service for 2020

The Princeton Historical society will not be leading the community in a Remembrance Day Service due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. To recognize the day, members of the Princeton Historical Society will place a wreath at the Princeton Cenotaph in front of the Princeton Museum/Library building. Please feel free to place your poppy on the wreath throughout the day to honour the men and women who died for our Country.

Getting Closer to our Goal

The Princeton and District Museum/Library Association want to thank the community for supporting us in raising funds for our new roof. As you can see by looking at the roof plan we are still accepting donations. Sections G.H and I are needing shingles. One bundle for $50.00 will help assist in the cost. We are happy to accept donations in any amount. You may drop off your cheque or cash at the Princeton Library during Curbside Pickup every Wednesday from 3pm to 6pm or you mail your cheque or money order to the following address:

Princeton and District Museum /Library Association

P.O Box 460,
25 Main St. S
Princeton ON
N0J 1V0

Please include your name and address for a income tax receipt

Also see the Buy A Bundle Campaign letter which was posted.

Thank you for helping us

Peggy Crosby and Holly Taylor volunteers for the Princeton and District Museum/Library Association

Showing Community Progress

The Princeton District Museum and Library Association raised their first $2,000.00 towards a total of $20,000.00 goal for a new roof. Many donations have been received for the Buy-A-Bundle Campaign. Pictured-Betsy Ingram from the Princeton Library congratulates roofer Peggy Crosby from PDMLA who installed Section C of the first overlay piece of the sign "Help Put Our Campaign Through the Roof".

Donation to the Princeton Ontario Museum

The Cowan Foundation offers a community volunteer program to Princeton Holdings group of their companies' employees to support and encourage community volunteerism. As a result of completing her volunteer hours, Julie Cassidy, an employee of Frank Cowan Company in Princeton chose the Princeton District Museum and Library Association as the charitable donation recipient. Julie proudly presents a cheque for $750.00 to volunteer Peggy Crosby from the Princeton Museum.

Join us at the Princeton Cenotaph infront of the Museum

The Princeton District Museum and Library Association recently received a $8500.00 donation from Cowan Foundation to support the Princeton History Project for the research costs and for the permanent display boards documenting Princeton's history. The project will be completed for Museum's twenty-fifth anniversary in 2022. Accepting the cheque from Cowan Foundation member Christine Cowan is PDMLA Board of Director and volunteer member Gayle Gurney. Other volunteers and directors joining Gayle to express gratitude is Peggy Crosby and standing are Nestor Kozey, Mary Williams and Bev Beaton

Princeton Library Summer Program

Movie Night Every other Thursday Night see our movie night section for details: Free Movie Night

Plak-It of the Month

Please help keep Princeton's history alive and sponsor one of our many Plak-it's today!

Sponsorship is $100 and a receipt is available for tax purposes

This Month's Plak-It is of the Rebuilt east side of main street after the fire in 1910. Bakeshop, Hardware Store, IOOF Hall and new Bank location Corner lot Starr & Buck General Store 1918

Princeton History Plaques

Come visit the Museum and immerse yourself in Princeton's history. We have several plaques of Princeton in the 1900's - Churches, buildings that have burnt down, main street, a train derailement and more. They are amazing to see in person. If you are interested in Sponsoring a plaque, please let us know, we would love to have more.

Here are a few to pique your interest:


Main Street Princeton

Methodist Church Visit our New Page "Displays/Exhibits"

It contains pictures of at all our permanent displays and exhibits. To get the full experience you'll have to see them in person. Come visit us soon!

  • Free Movie Nights! (Courtesy of the Princeton Public Library)

    FREE Movies in the plush 45 seat Princeton Theatre! Popcorn provided, only water in the theatre please.
    See our Free Movie Night section for what movies are playing

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